Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point, by definition is a very sore spot on a taut band of muscle that accompanies referral pain (traveling pain).  The cause of trigger point and the mystery of referral pain pattern is still unknown.
However, there are different types of trigger point; satellite trigger point, secondary trigger point and primary trigger point.  We mainly work on primary trigger point to release the soreness you are experiencing.  Have you had pain in the arm or your shoulder that didn't seem to go away by kneading out the sore area?  Nagging headaches after looking into computer screen for a long period of time?  Well, you might have just found an answer to the cause of them!

Once it is released, you will experience instant relief of pain in your muscle.  It is simple, yet precise work.  It will probably leave you thinking why you left the pain alone for this long without seeing us therapists when it could be easily treated!