TMJ treatment (Temporomandibular joint)

Ever wonder why you’re getting headaches after a dental treatment?  Nagging neck and shoulder tension that just doesn't seem to alleviate even after getting a massage in the area?  You often wake up with a tight jaw or clicking sound when you open your mouth?  Chances are, you most likely have TMJ syndrome (TMJ-Temporomandibular joint).  This could be caused by either existing soft tissue problems in neck and shoulder (muscle, tendon or ligament), or bad habits; grinding your teeth during sleep, poor posture, or a direct injury to the area.

The TMJ treatment is very specific, delicate work.  In the course of the treatment I will be:

  1. Working on both neck and shoulder and the extra-oral  (jaw line and around cheek bones) area to relieve external tension.
  2. Subsequently working intraorally to target specific muscles that are otherwise inaccessible and are directly in charge of the major kinetic movements of the jaw.
  3. Working on the scalp to release fascial tightness and restrictions .

The total session will take about 45mins.  The intraoral portion of the treatment will be 10-15mins at most, consisting of frequent breaks to rest your jaw.  We will be communicating throughout the treatment to check your comfort level

Some clients feel the difference immediately after their first session, and typically treatment plan consists of a few sessions to have a full benefit of this treatment.