Taking a first step – Asking for a professional help.


In our first session, we will discuss:

  1. Your health and wellness goals. What would you like to get out of this treatment?
  2. Your existing health problems. Headaches?  Activity limitations? Pain? Past injuries?
  3. Daily routine (occupational type, postural awareness level, exercise frequency, types of exercise, etc etc..) and injury history.  

It will be a short 10-15 minutes interview including checking ROM (Range of Motions), muscle testing and some other special orthopaedic tests, to determine what the cause of the pain may be.  Once I have you on the table, we will continue to reassess the injured sites periodically to ensure we are on the right track in the treatment.  We will also be communicating throughout the treatment to check your comfort level.  

Recommended treatment frequency varies depending on the individual, their injury or stress level, and stage in the recovery process.  However, I normally recommend to come back before waiting for “too long”.  

Unfortunately, most people tend to think that they are all better once they deal with the surface pain, while the underlying problems still remain.  If it took you a year to develop the pain, it certainly won't be fixed in one or two sessions.   The surface pain may be gone, but certainly not the underlying cause.  Most likely, it will be triggered again soon enough.

If you made progress in the first session or two, let’s not waste it.  Let’s start off from where we left, and not where we were at the beginning. Let’s keep making progress.