Recovery process-

We deal with the superficial pain in the treatment, so let’s focus on what’s outside the treatment that can be changed for the better.  

Sleep- How is the quality of your sleep?  Do you wake up often at night?  While you are asleep, your body is not.  It is at its full potential to recover from the stress you've received during the day.  If you have poor quality of sleep, there is no doubt your recovery rate is poor as well.  How is your pillow?  Is it comfortable?  Sometimes a good quality pillow is worth the investment.  Do you try to relax before bed, or are you on your phone or computer until right before you head to sleep?   There are so many things you can do to improve the quality of sleep and yes, they are all worth it.

Daily routine- How many hours a day are you immobile? The human body is not supposed to be in the same position for an extended period of time, and yes, 8 hours a day working in the office IS abnormal for your body.  According to well publicized statistics, people who work in the office have 30% higher chance of developing cardiovascular diseases compare to those who move their body in their daily routine.  There are other ways to deal with this issue than exclusively going to the gym: go take a walk on your 10 minute break or stretch that tight muscle in your shoulder.  Bring in your own mini heat pad to work for your tight neck, shoulder and lower back.  Frequently check your posture; are you hunched over?  How is your desk setting?  Can your PC monitor be higher/lower so you are not looking down/up too much?  Can your mouse in different position?  Is your chair comfortable?
Drink water.... DO NOT dehydrate yourself because you are busy.  To keep things moving in your body, water is essential.  You need blood flow to repair all your sour and tight muscles.  It brings in Oxygen and nutrients essential to repair the tissue into the damaged site.

Homecare- What I consider the most important part of my treatment process is educating you on what to do once the treatment is over and you are not in my treatment room.  Take an Epsom salt bath once every few days to increase the blood flow and decrease the soreness in your body.  Do the 10 minute stretch at the end of the day to reset the fatigue and knots you accumulate throughout the day.  Hydrate yourself so your body is not obstructed.  Do the strengthening exercise I prescribe so your body can handle the stress it goes through daily.
Reset your body that works hard for you.  It's time to learn how to manage and retain your body!

Empowering your body - Have you wanted to do something new, like joining a kickboxing class ? Yoga?  Dance class?  But you've never done it before so are not sure where to start with it?  Or you are in pain all the time and don't know if it's even appropriate for you to do anything physical?  Well my motto is to never to say “No” to what my clients want to do.  Instead, I will guide you through the process with appropriate moderation and prescribe homecare activities to condition your body to prepare for the new activities.  If you never ran in your life, but as a New Year resolution you want to run a half marathon, I fully support!  I will introduce you to some remedial exercise program to strengthen major muscles and muscle groups, how to stretch them and the moderation & frequency you should maintain in each training process.   There's no short-cut or magic way to reach your health goal., it comes with every day routine and dedication.  However, with proper training planning, professional maintenance treatment, and knowledge to take care of your body, you can have a successful experience in any activity you wish to do.  This is why I am here for you. 

You are the only one to put limit on yourself.   Empower the body that you have.  Use it, appreciate it and take a good care of it.  Remember, never say "no" to your own potential!