Maintenance- this should be an accumulation of all the recovery processes we've gone through together: what you can do at home to improve the awareness on your own health; sleeping patterns, postural awareness, hydration, activity level, and self-maintenance, such as taking Epsom salt bath, using a heat/cold pad, and stretching.  All these little things will accumulate to help maintain healthy muscles, joints and an active body, ultimately reconnecting you with your own body.

However, even with all the maintenance you do at home, injuries happen.  You shovel your drive way and pull a muscle in your lower back.  You play basketball on weekend and sprain your ankle.  It happens.  But when it happens, do not hesitate to come in for a treatment.  Make sure you call your therapist ASAP, book an appointment and try to take care of it as soon as possible.  Delaying the initial treatment only results in prolonged recovery time.   Don’t wait for the pain to go away when it can be taken care of by a professional in much shorter amount of time with much less discomfort.