What does she do?

Mugi's strong belief in life is to take initiative and being in charge of one’s own life.  More importantly, being proactive about what’s important in life; health and over all well-being, is her motto.   She believes that one should thrive in life, enjoy every moment of it, and not just survive.  Taking care of your own body is the first step one should consider taking when wanting to take a charge in life.  After all, you only got one body.

Mugi is here to help you throughout this process through manual therapy including; Myofascial therapy, Trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, Dynamic & Kinesio tape, and hydrotherapy and so on.  Either it is the performance level you want to improve in the activities you do, or simply to better the quality of your life by managing the stress and pain level, she will guide you through the process.   
Most importantly, she wants to inspire people to feel good in their own bodies, and ultimately good about themselves, and what it’s like to reconnect and become more intimate with their own bodies.  You will be amazed how different you feel after her one hour treatment.

Why wait any longer if you can make a better change to your life?  

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