Welcome to my page!


My name is Mugi, and I am a musculoskeletal/manual therapy specialist [In Canada, I have the title of Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), regulated by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO)].  So, here is my story for why I do what I do.

As a young athlete, I dealt with many sports injuries.  My mother took me to see countless Physicians, Sports Doctors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and Shiatsu Therapists, etc. You name it and I’ve been there.  After 4 long years of searching for the right fit, I finally found somebody who helped me achieve tremendous improvements in my recovery process.  Having benefited from a strong therapist-patient relationship with this practitioner, I decided to work for him at his clinic as an assistant, in order to learn more about the field. 

I was inspired by his work.  I was drawn to his healthcare business not only for his superior knowledge, nor for the advanced treatment technologies he practice, but rather for the fact he actually cared.  On the day of my provincial championship tournament, he came to meet me at the tournament site to tape up my injured ankle in the morning.  He would open his clinic on his days-off to accommodate emergency patients.    On a regular basis, he would spend his weekends at workshops or conferences to improve his practice.   He cared about what he did, how he did it, and cared for those in his care.  The most crucial lesson I learned from him was to care about our patients and about the impact of our work on the quality of their everyday life.   After working for him for several years, I was ready to take on another step:  I enrolled in Massage Therapy school in Ontario, Canada, graduating subsequently in 2010.  

My core desire as a therapist is to improve the quality of people’s life, so that they can thrive and not just survive, so they can enjoy their lives instead of resting and recovering from daily stress or pain on weekends.   I want people to be able to strive in their lives as they wish.  My mission (and passion) here is to help you to get to where you want to be in your health and wellness goals. Throughout the process, I will give you the tools to achieve those goals. Your success in health is my reward!